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The Hatley  Fire Department (www.hatleyfire.com) was established August 1st, 1978 to provide professional rate fire protection service from a group of well trained firemen.   We have since grown to maintain two stations, six pieces of apparatus, and over 30 active members thanks to the hard work and determination of our community. 

Geographically we are located in Monroe County (N.E. Mississippi) near the Tombigbee Waterway System and the city of Amory.  We have a primary first due response area of approximately 48 square miles compromised mostly of rural woodlands.  We are responsible for an immediate population of 4,112 persons according to the US Census Bureau 2000 report.  Within our primary coverage area, we have 300 homes, nine businesses, seven churches, our community center, police station, town hall, water treatment facility, and a county school system which houses grades K-12 with approximately 1200 students.   Additionally we provide mutual aid services to our entire county as well as 12 other volunteer and two paid fire departments.  This mutual aid area is compromised of approximately 15,000 homes, approximately 2,000 business, 38,014 persons according to the 2000 Census Bureau report, and 772 square miles of land area (our county being the largest in the state by land mass). 

Our county has many factors which could lead to hazardous situations for which we would be responsible, including the following: 3 major US Highways (US Highway 45, US Highway 45 Alternate, and US Highway 278) all of which see hazardous materials on a daily basis and US Highway 278 runs directly through our primary response area.  Currently the state is rerouting State Highway 25 directly through our primary coverage area for which we will be responsible.  The BNSF Railway system which has a main spur in Amory, only 3 miles away and transports millions of tons of hazardous chemicals and substances on a daily basis.  Amory is the halfway point for rail traffic connecting Memphis Tennessee to Birmingham Alabama.  We are the first due mutual aid department for the city of Amory, which has one station located 50 feet from the BNSF railway and another station less than ľ mile away from the railway. The Tombigbee Water Way, which connects the Tennessee River to the Gulf of Mexico, with 3 of its Locks and Dams which transports hazardous goods, 1 county airport which we are the first due mutual aid department for, 6 major plants that produce and transport hazardous chemicals; Kerr Mcgee Chemical (produces a bi-product of Titanium Tetra Chloride), Georgia Gulf Chemical (produces the deadly odorless colorless gas vinyl chloride), BASF (produces bi-products of Caustic Acids), Nanocor, True Temper Sports(which we are the first due mutual aid department and manages many Caustic Acids), and Chemdol. The Tennessee Valley Authority has two 500Kv transmission lines running through our primary response area and one 100kv substation, Mississippi Valley gas has a large gas distribution well just 3 miles from our primary station transporting more than one million pounds of natural gas daily, and the Columbus Air Force flight training base (which is not located in our county) but regularly flies training missions over our county and had an aircraft crash in our county in 1995 in which our department responded and provided services. 

 Our department is an all volunteer department with 35 volunteer firefighters.  We currently have an inventory of two class A pumpers, one light Brush/Reconosense truck, one light Brush/Rescue truck, one 5 ton heavy brush truck, one 3300 gallon tanker, and one mobile light/pump trailer.   We hold an 1974 ISO fire rating of 8 and train on a regular basis of two times per month. We also regularly attend state provided training classes and field training.  We respond to an average 130 incidents per year.  Our coverage area is primarily wooded land and farm land.   Our closest ambulance service can be up to 15 miles away in parts of our coverage area.  We have three EMTís in our department as well as 15 EMRís, two HAZMAT technicians , three full time fire fighters, nine search and rescue SCUBA divers, two urban/wilderness search and rescue dogs, and 15 Mississippi Certified Volunteer Fire Fighters.  We provide 24/7-365 EMS services, fire suppression, vehicle extrication, land search and rescue, SCUBA diving rescue, as well as Public Fire Prevention Education.